How does my organization apply for a grant?

Review the Browning Kimball Foundation's mission statement and objectives to determine eligibility. Complete the 2-page Grant Application located on our Apply for a Grant page and include 501(c)(3) documentation from the IRS.You are welcome to apply via email or mail.

When are the submission deadlines?

The deadline for application submission is November 20theach year. Applications must be received in the foundation's office by the deadline date. Applications for deadlines that fall on a holiday or weekend must be received by the next business day.

When are the applications reviewed?

Trustees meet within the first quarter of each year to review applications and award grants. Typically, grant funds are distributed in March to the recipients.

What types of grants does the Foundation make?

The Foundation makes grants for general operating support and program/project support. In general the Foundation does not make grants to individuals, political parties or candidates, campaigns, lobbying activities, fundraising activities, benefits, special events or advertisements.

What types of organizations will the Browning Kimball Foundation NOT fund?

Organizations without 501(c)(3) status; organizations that practice discrimination by race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or national origin; marketing sponsorships; sporting events; trips or tours; lobbying campaigns; donor-advised funds; private foundations; individuals; political candidates or political organizations.

My organization is not a 501(c)(3), can we still apply?

No. We provide funding strictly to 501(c)(3) organizations. An organization must have received its letter of determination from the IRS or have a sponsoring 501(c)(3) in order to be eligible.

My organization has applied for 501(c)(3) status, but we have not received the official notification letter from the IRS. May I apply for a grant?

The Browning Kimball Foundation cannot make grants to organizations that have not received official 501(c)(3) status.

May I publicly acknowledge a grant from The Browning Kimball Foundation?

No. The Browning Kimball Foundation does not seek public acknowledgment for our support.

What are the geographic priorities of the Browning Kimball Foundation?

The Foundation's highest geographic priority is central Montana.

May I contact you if I have questions?

Yes, we are happy to field questions via telephone or email.

Does the Browning Kimball Foundation require a completion report?

Yes. We request that grant recipients provide us with two things:

  1. Acknowledgement of grant in writing to the Foundation after receipt.
  2. Post Grant Completion Report completed and returned after funds are expended or by the deadline for submission of grant applications, November 20th, whichever comes first. At the time of grant notification, we provide grantees with a Post Grant Report form for this purpose. Grantees may also download a copy of the form from the Application & Forms page of this website.

My organization failed to complete a Post Grant Completion Report; can we still apply for a grant?

You are not eligible to receive funds in the grant cycle following receipt of your grant.